We’ve all fantasized about winning big on the lottery. Although most of us will never win the jackpot, you could still be in line for a hefty windfall if some of the numbers you pick come up. While this is no guarantee for a win in the next draw, there are still some things you can do to increase your chances. Here are some important tips to increase chances of winning lottery:


Understand the Game

Make sure you understand the lottery game eithkmn52rw4rwts7ay7u282i92er by reading lottery guidelines or by looking online. Knowing how the lottery game works can boost your chances of winning the main prize. If you don’t understand the lottery or how the game is played, then you won’t know how you can win it.

Let the Computer Pick the Numbers

Your chances of winning are better if you allow the computer to choose instead of picking the numbers yourself. Many past winners have won with random numbers generated by the computer’s Quick Pick system. The computer generates about 75% of tickets, and 75% of these computer-generated tickets end up winning. Some experts claim that using the computer to pick the numbers can boost your chances of winning the lottery because it is familiar with all the figures in the system and is likely to choose eventually the winning numbers itself.

Mix Odd and Even Numbers

When you choose your lottery numbers, make sure you have a reasonable combination of even and odd numbers. All even numbers or all odd numbers are hardly drawn, happening less than 3% of the time. More often than not, the best combination is to have 4/2, 3/3 or 4/2 even/odd numbers. One of these combinations will occur in 81% of the lottery drawings.

Consider Past Winning Numbers

Boost your chances of winning the lottery by looking at the past winning numbers. Many of these numbers often repeat themselves and might be a good sign that they might come up again. Look at the past winning numbers that have come up a few times and consider using them to boost your odds of winning the lottery. While this is not a surefire strategy, it could work for you if the numbers have often been drawn. Studying the past winning number patterns can also help you determine which numbers to use and which numbers to omit.

Don’t Rely on Birthdays or Favorite Numbers

If you don’t want the computer to pick the numbers for you, don’t select birthdays. When you use birthdates or any km3e5dt62y27u3u92i2other favorite numbers, you are limited to numbers 31 and below. This overlooks the fact that more numbered balls are likely to come up.

Of course, there is no definite strategy for winning the lottery, but using these tips to increase chances of winning the lottery is highly recommended. You can take a mathematical or scientific approach, select numbers randomly, gamble or decide to follow your instinct. Try out a few different ways and who knows, you might be the next lucky lottery winner! Good luck!…